Chebucto Heights Elementary

School Advisory Council 2022-2023

What is a School Advisory Council (SAC)?

SACs bring together school stakeholders and individuals from local communities who share an interest in promoting student success. They provide parents/guardians, school staff, community members and when appropriate, students, with a voice to influence decisions that have an impact on student learning and well-being. As advisory bodies, SAC’s bring partners together to provide principals and regional centers of education (RCE’s) with advice that reflects the best interests of students from the point of view of the school community. SACs receive their authority from the Education Act (2018).

What are some of the Duties and Responsibilities of a School Advisory Council (SAC)?

The duties and responsibilities of an SAC include:

  • Participating in the creation of the SAC Agreement and by-laws
  • Collaborating to improve student achievement and well-being
  • Providing feedback on school practices and initiatives
  • Providing feedback on provincial policies
  • Oversite for SAC grant spending decisions

School Advisory Council Agreement

Chebucto Heights School Advisory Council Agreement

HRCE SAC Documents and Communications

HRCE SAC Information

How do I contact my School Advisory Council (SAC)?

 Please call the school office for contact information.

Members of our School Advisory Council (SAC)


Chair:Tanya Conrad

Principal: Craig Myra

Secretary:Beth MacLellan

Parent: Michelle Cormier

Parent:Jennifer Falkenham 

Parent: Liz Struijf-Mandishora

Staff member:Cynthia Rigby

Staff Member:Anisa Ramoutar

Staff Member:Heather Lynch

Support Staff Member: Dominique Jean

Community member:Sean Sangster

Community member:Dawn Myra

Community member:Kate Newton

Meeting Dates & Times 2022-2023

Meeting Summaries