Chebucto Heights Elementary

Inclement Weather/School Cancellations

News About School Closures/Delays in School Opening

HRCE has implemented some guidelines for School and/or Bus Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather. Please read below. If you have any questions please contact the school.

•  Guidelines for Early School Closure– If forecast has inclement weather coming later in the day, there may be a 6:00am announcement of a lunch time closure. The decision may also be deferred until 11:00am, where the school will be notified via email.

• Guidelines for Cancellation of Bus—School Still Open— Decision made by 6:00am if the buses are not running due to the weather/road conditions—Impacted Schools will be identified and announced.

• Guidelines for Delayed Opening of Schools— Delayed openings will be considered when a storm has concluded but snow clearing may take additional time. Schools will be opened 2 Hours after there regular time. Bus pick up times will be 2 Hours after there regular time. Dismissal time will not change.